TV Remodels

TV Remodels

Are you ready to replace the heavy, old TV of yesterday with a new flat screen, high definition TV? We can help you. Whether you are replacing the front TV, bedroom TV or want to go to the ultimate with our Televator TV lift cabinet, we have got you covered. We can custom fit any brand of television into the available space and the mounted TV will be secure and beautiful. We custom match your wood species and color and will have your coach updated in a matter of days.

The Televator TV Cabinet

Televator TV Cabinet for RVs

Welcome to the ultimate in style and functionality

A new level of home entertainment has arrived! The Televator TV Cabinet features a TV mounted on a super quiet, motorized lift that will extend for quality viewing and then will disappear to provide a nice, clean look and additional counter space. Add a fireplace to the front or use the space for components and other storage. Up to a 60" TV can be mounted on the lift.

Televator TV Cabinet for RVs

Storage Below Televator RV Cabinet

Custom Television Cabinet with Motorized Lift

This Televator cabinet brings a new meaning to customized and full featured! It was designed in coordination with the customer. It features a pullout wastebasket on the right side, a fireplace and miscellaneous storage cabinet on the left. Also has two drawers on the top and a wireless soundbar speaker above the fireplace. The right end of the cabinet was dead space so we put door on and utilized it for the storage of smaller items. The TV lift has a remote and a manual switch included.

Out of Sight TV Cabinet in RV

Left Side Storage on Televator

Left Side Storage

Right Side Storage on Televator

Right Side Wastebasket 

Compact RV Cabinet with Motorized Television Mount

Another example of the Televator TV in a smaller more compact cabinet. It features 2 drawers and doors with adjustable shelves and a solid Cherry hardwood top.

Small Hidden TV Cabinet

50" TV Lift Cabinet

This Televator TV cabinet was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to fully maximize storage space and features. It has a 50" TV centered on the window and an electric fireplace insert in the front and a custom louver door for a subwoofer in the left cabinet. Additional features include cabinet storage space, a drawer for odds and ends and a secret compartment for valuables and jewelry.

"Gene did a fantastic job on relocating our TV in the front of our 2004 Dutch Star coach. Very professional on workmanship and generous with the cost. We highly recommend Country Craftsman Woodworking." - Glen and Myrna W.

Front Overhead TV

Tired of your old heavy TV squeaking and rattling above your head? Or maybe you're afraid it will fall out someday and do some damage or worse yet, knock you out! We can take care of your problem. We can custom fit any brand of 26" to 32" TV into the existing cabinet and we can match your wood color and decor in the process.

Have a cabinet that sticks out too far and you hit your head when you walk up the stairs? We can take the existing cabinet and modify it to be smaller and lighter and eliminate the head banging. We can also cut it off the front (windshield) to allow you to install a one piece roller shade.

Front Overhead TV Cabinet in RV

Flat Screen TV Mount for RVs

26" to 32" Front TV Mount

Center Front Television Mount

Custom TV Cabinet Mount Matching Original Wood Finish

Matching Original Decor for New Custom TV Cabinet

Front Overhead TV Door

As we all know, RVs are limited in storage space. We can build your front TV into a door to allow access to the cabinet for storage. We use heavy duty hinges and a cabinet lock to secure the door to keep it from opening while traveling. Mounting the TV in a door will make you use a small TV, but the space gained may very well be worth the cost.

Front Overhead TV Door Cabinet for RV

The customer wanted to go with the maximum size TV and still have access to the cabinet for storage. So we designed the door to flip up on a hinge, and then made a prop stick to hold it open to access the cabinet. Another example of how we work with you to try to best meet your needs in your project.

Front Overhead Television RV Cabinet

Swinging TV Door Cabinet for RV

Front Overhead TV with Swinging Door

This coach had an extra wide cabinet, so we were able to use a 32" TV and still do a side swing door. It opens to allow easy access to the wiring and to utilize all the storage space opened up by removing the old heavy TV.

Bedroom TV

The bedroom TV door is our standard installation for bedroom TV replacements. It features a frame that is custom built to fit the TV and mounted on hinges to match your existing hinges. It is a great way to open up lots of storage space made available by removing your old TV. Give us a call and we'll help you make space for your next shopping trip!

RV Bedroom TV Cabinet Mount

TV Mounted on Swinging Door

Custom Bed Room RV Cabinet Mount

Custom Bedroom RV Cabinet