RV Cabinetry

Custom Cabinets...

In the following section, you will see some different cabinets that we have done for customers that had unique spaces to use for extra storage and other needs. Each cabinet was customized and built specifically for the customers needs. As you can see, there are many places that can be used to put cabinetry and utilize all the space possible in your RV.

Custom RV Cabinets

This cabinet was built for an area where the customer had two recliners and wanted to use the extra space around them. The cabinets behind the chairs were built for storage, and the center cabinet was made deeper to extend out in between the chairs for a hand y place to set things while sitting. The center cabinet was also made to hold a printer and miscellaneous items on the two rollout shelves. Add in a small display cabinet between the windows, and magazine rack, and you are ready to kick back and relax and enjoy all the conveniences that custom built cabinetry can bring to you.

Replace TV with Cabinet in RV

This is a cabinet that was built to replace a TV sitting on the countertop. We custom built the cabinet to fit in the existing space and matched the doors and hardware style. Since the coach had natural Cherry wood, the color of the new wood was lighter than the existing wood. This was a matter of waiting for the wood to darken, which happens naturally over a period of a few months.

Glass Induction Cooktop for RV

Have an old oven that you don't use? For this customer we removed the oven and installed a glass induction cooktop and used the extra space for spacious drawers. This turned an outdated and wasted space into a stylish highly functional storage and cook area.

Convert Kneehole into Cabinet Space

A kneehole sitting area for makeup was no longer used so we added some wood framing and some doors and shelves and converted this wasted space into tons of extra storage.

Countertop Custom RV Cabinetry

Our neat functional little countertop storage cabinet utilizes the space along the back of your kitchen counter top and adds a nice accent to break up the deep kitchen top. It has drawers for small item storage and lips on the ends of the top so items can be set up on it's top.

Custom RV Audio/Video Cabinet

This cabinet was built to replace another cabinet that had come out at an angle and wasted valuable storage space. We were able to move the subwoofer for the TV from the kitchen cabinet over to this cabinet and still have plenty of extra storage left.

Gain Counter Top Space with Custom RV Cabinet

This area had featured a cabinet that had come all the way down on the countertop, and the customer wanted to gain some more counter space. So we rebuilt the cabinet to make it shorter and added a corner wood wire chase to hide pipes and wires going through the area.

Custom RV Cabinet Media Center

This is a media center deluxe cabinet, with each component having it's own open shelf for easy access. The top door opens for additional media storage and access to hidden wiring.

Custom End Cabinet for Coach

Our decorative end cabinet is made to fit on your slide out, and adds a nice touch to your fascia. It has a great little top to set your coffee cup or water glass, and has small item storage underneath.

Custom RV Cabinet with Fireplace

Transform Your Coach with a Fireplace

A custom built angled cabinet with a fireplace was all it took to transform this coach into a warm, inviting place to live in. It features a wood top and color matched finish, and two nice sized pullout drawers take care of the storage in the cabinet. Another nice, full featured cabinet custom built to specifications and needs.

Upgrade Your RV Storage with Custom Bedroom Cabinets

Get More Storage with Custom Cabinetry

Does your closet just not have enough space for all your clothes and shoes? We can help!! Here we have a before and after photo of a project where the customer only had small spaces for hanging clothes. WE removed the TV and open space, and took out some interior dividers and added two nice size closet rods. Four new mirror doors were made to cover the space. The end result was a full featured closet and shoe storage area that easily accommodated all the customers clothing items and made organization so much better.