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In the following section you will see an assortment of products and items that are built to make your life easier and make your coach look better. Whether you want to spice up your coach with the ceiling trim, or add some pullout shelves for the ultimate storage, we have got just the stuff for you!! Have something in mind that you don’t see here? Give us a call. A few of the following items were inspired by customers and you could be the next one to have your product featured!!

Steering Wheel Table


Coach Steering Wheel Table and Cover

The steering wheel table is a great way to cover up the steering wheel when parked, providing you with a place to set that special lamp or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It has a hardwood top, and two adjustable legs underneath it to level it on your steering wheel. It is approximately 7” high overall.

Vent Cover

Wooden Vent Cover for RV

Custom Wood Vent Cover for RV

Cover your white plastic vent frames with our beautiful Vent Covers. They snap on and off for easy access and cleaning, and have a very smooth, modern look!!

Ceiling Trim

The Ceiling Trim will transform your ceiling from plain and flat to luxurious and classy!! It features elaborately, curved ends, and a decorative edge profile. It is fastened to the ceiling rafters. It is available for the living room and bedroom.

Custom Coach Celing Trim

Custom Decorative Ceiling Trim in Coach

Wood Ceiling Trim in Coach

Window Sills

Need a place to set that coffee cup in the morning? Or just want to make your coach look more like your house? Our Window Sills will do that and more. They are very easy to install and are custom made to fit any window you have. A very simple addition that does wonders for style and functionality.

Custom RV Window Sill

Pullout Shelves

Are you tired of bending over and rooting in a dark cabinet trying to find that can of soup you just know is there, but it’s in the back somewhere? We can help you out. Our custom built drawers are made to fit into almost any space you have available. We build them with angles and notches to accommodate even the most odd shaped cabinet. Sliding smoothly on heavy duty 100# full extension drawer slides, they will bring your goodies out to you instead of the other way around. Save your back and your frustration and order today.

Custom Pullout Shelf added to Coach

Custom Built Pullout Shelves

Pullout Shelf Custom Built for Motor Home

Window Valances

Our hardwood window valances really add a touch of elegance and class to a coach. They are built to accommodate an accordion style or roller shade. They are easy to take down for replacing, or repairing blinds and at 3” deep, they are not obstructive at all.

Custom Window Valances Built for RVs

Custom Window Valances for RV

Our Overhead Valance Extensions are built to hide an aftermarket roller shade that sticks down too far, or to just provide a nice accent look. They are made to fit inside the existing valance, and can be built to any height needed.

Window Valances in Motor Home

Window Valances for Coach Customer

Window Valances for your RV


It’s time to upgrade the bedroom!! We can help with our hardwood headboards. They are available in many styles, including raised panel, flat panel, and arched top versions. Have another idea? Bring it to us and we’ll design a custom headboard for you.

Custom Motor Home Headboard

Beautiful Custom Head Board

Motor Home Headboard in Bedroom

Indoor RV LED Lighting

Motorhome Wall LED Lighting

We also offer flexible LED strip lighting to light up your dark corners, or to add a decorative touch to your coach. We can install regular white LED or we can do an RGB color LED strip that comes with a remote and features all kinds of different colors and modes. This lighting is also great for the interiors of your cabinets and make so you never have to try to find something in the dark again!!!


Before LED Lighting Example


After LED Lighting Example


In the following area you will see some examples of tables and dash units that we have built. Designed for tasks such as holding small items while traveling, or computer work trays, we can build whatever you want! We have done various styles of coffee tables and dash trays.

Custom RV Passenger Sliding Table

Custom Front Passenger Sliding Table

Custom Front Table in Coach

Front Passenger Side Arm Table

Here is a neat little cabinet that utilized the small space that was available beside a chair. The customer wanted to gain some storage space, and also wanted a table to use with the chair, so we designed the table to fold together and store on top of the cabinet. The cabinet has a sliding door and shelves.

Fold Away Pivoting Table

Sturdy Fold Away RV Table

Here are few small snack tables and coffee tables that we have made.

Small RV Snack Table

Portable Snack Table for a Coach

Small End Tables in RV

Motorhome Snacking Table

Small Motorhome End Table

Misc. Projects

This section features some of the miscellaneous and different things we have done. We have tackled a lot of different things and are always willing to try something new and different. Thinking outside the box is the normal for us when it comes to figure out unique problems in a project.

Here we had a customer that wanted to have a Corian table, but didn’t want to spend the money to have the whole table redone. So we made a Corian “sleeve" that just slid over the wood table and instantly made a Corian top. It is easily removable should a they want their wood top back. Another problem solved with creative thinking.

Custom RV Cabinet Project

Custom Coach Cabinet Work

Misc Coach Cabinet Project

Custom built Bathroom Door.

Custom Built Bathroom Door for Coach

Quilt or Blanket Rack with a butterfly accent.

Blanket Rack with Butterfly Design

Decorative wall tile applied to cover an area where a TV had been.

Decorative Wall Tile in Motorhome

Cover TV with Decorative Wall Tile

Custom built dash tray with U.S. Marine theme on front.

Custom Built Dash Tray for Coach


Here is a fine example of a truly custom woodworking project. A customer stopped by and had this pattern for a cute little bear that looked like it was climbing something. She asked if we would like to build it for her, and of course, we were very enthusiastic about the idea. So we found some Pine lumber and started cutting parts and laying out the pieces. We sanded all the parts and contoured the edges to make it look more realistic. Certain parts were painted black, and others were left natural, then everything was glued together. A nice clear coat finish was applied to top things off. We had a great time doing this fun project. As you can see, it adds quite a whimsical touch to the coach, and I'm sure it has caused quite a few smiles while on the road!!!!

Custom Wooden Bear Attached to Ladder

Custom RV Woodwork